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"Ducking" Difficult & Delightful ♡ Duck Jam (All Endings)

2018-04-16 6 1 104 YouTube

This is a game made for April Fools Game Jam 2018... so I'm clearly fashionably late to the party, haha. Regardless, this fun little game, filled to the brim with duck-themed minigames, has an art style of the ducks that specifically reminds me hardcore of "Click Clack Moo" from my childhood. Do you guys remember reading that book in primary school as well? Leave a comment below if you do! Either way, it's free, fun, and a good ducking time! ;) Play It Yourself (it's free!): Subscribe to Me Today! Make a Lovely Donation Here ♡ Also, Follow Me on Social Media! ♡ Instagram: ♡ Twitter:

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