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The Nude Party :: Live At Relix :: 7/10/18

2018-07-10 9 2 266 YouTube

Subscribe to The Relix Channel for more videos + livestreams: [ RELIX LIVE! ] Tune in Tuesday, July 10th at 4:30PM ET to watch The Nude Party live from Relix. THE NUDE PARTY Patton Magee - Guitar, Vocals Shaun Couture - Guitar, Vocals Alec Castillo - Bass Guitar, Vocals Don Merrill - Organ, Piano, Vocals Austin Brose - Percussion, Vocals Connor Mikita - Drums, Cowbell Despite rock’n’roll’s rapidly waning role in mainstream culture, thousands upon thousands of rock groups currently occupy our nightclubs, bandwidth, and brainspace with their performance, recording, and Bandcamping. And while the ubiquity of these projects crowd 2018’s musical landscape, from Highland Park to Bushwick and all points in between, the authentic rock’n’roll band is an endangered species. While any musician with wifi can actualize a rock group in a matter of minutes, a band, in the words of one of our great contemporary philosophers Ian Svenonius, is “about an ideology, a way of life, an aesthetic.” THE NUDE PARTY is one of the last of these aggregations - an inseparable gang of blood brothers bonded by a musical mission indistinguishable from their friendship. The band’s psychic and effortless musical communication comes from learning how to play their instruments together since their teens, rooming together in house after house for six years, and developing their sound and aesthetic through literal nude partying together. Produced + Directed by: Brian Stollery Executive Producer: Peter Shapiro

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