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5 Best Player Debuts in LoL History | LoL esports

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In League of Legends, first impressions can make or break your career, and these guys shone from day one. Here are the 5 best player debuts in LoL history! Shot Callers esports brings you LoL esports news, previews, interviews, roster breakdowns, highlights and everything else from the world of competitive League of Legends in 2018! From the NA LCS to the EU LCS to the LCK, get all your LoL esports information right here. Subscribe for a new LoL esports top 5 list every Monday. Also tune into our live stream! Get Boosted: Monday, 3PM EST 5v5 Live: Wednesday, 2PM EST SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Follow Eric Kummel on Twitter: All League of Legends footage courtesy of Riot Games. 5 Contractz - C9 (Jan 20, 2017) After playing on the C9 challenger squad Contractz debuted on the LCS squad in Week 1 of the 2017 Spring Split at just 17-years-old. His first test on the big stage was the team’s biggest rival in Team SoloMid, and the rookie was up to the challenge. Contractz secured first blood with Kha Zix and kept the snowball rolling from there. He finished game one with a team high 7 kills. In game 2 Contractz’ Lee Sin dominated the early game, racking up 7 kills at 20 minutes. The rookies KDA of 5.2 led Cloud 9 to a 2-0 series sweep over the defending champs. 4 Keith - TL (Jan 24, 2015) Due to visa issues Piglet was unable to play with Team Liquid in week 1 of the 2015 NA LCS Spring split, forcing Keith to sub in. What does Liquid decide to do? They drafted a juggermaw comp based entirely around their substitute AD Carry and with that Le Toucan officially arrived. Keith died just once against Team Impulse and eventually sealed the win with a triple kill. The next day, Keith played Caitlyn and put on a show against NA’s most famous AD Carry, Doublelift. Keith led Team Liquid to a 2-0 week with a ridiculous KDA of 19. 3 Rekkles - FNC (Nov 22, 2012) Technically Rekkles made his professional debut with Fnatic way back in 2012 at Dreamhack Winter. The then 16-year-old AD Carry put up a tournament best 7.1 KDA in 8 games as Fnatic dropped ju- st one game while winning the event. Rekkles was unable to play in the 2013 EU LCS split due to his age, paving the way for his debut part two in 2014. Rekkles had the rare honour of basically debuting twice, and delivered in both as he ended his first LCS game with 8 kills, 9 assists and 0 deaths. 2 WildTurtle - TSM (March 21, 2013) In the inaugural LCS season in 2013, TSM found themselves in third place after Week 5, when the team decided to sub out starting AD Carry Chaox for a variety of reasons. In Week 6 WildTurtle formerly of Quantic and Cloud9 got the start and in his very first game he didn’t waste any time showing off his talents. Turtle followed up his penta with 2 solid Draven games and led TSM to a 3-0 Week 6 and took over as the starting AD for the next two years, marking the end of the Season 2 MVP’s time with Team SoloMid. 1 Faker - SKT (April 3, 2013) 2013 Champions Spring was the berth of a legend.Faker made his debut with SK Telecom as nothing more than a rising solo queue star. His first test as a pro was that year’s All-Star mid-laner and one of the best in the World, CJ Blaze’s Ambition. Before the game even hit 10 minutes, CJ had felt the wrath of Faker. SKT went on to 2-0 CJ Faker finished the set with 9 kills, 2 deaths and 15 assists. Taking the first step with an SKT giant that would dominate the scene for years to come.

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