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E3 2018 Exclusive Gameplay Demos, Interviews and Special Guests - GameSpot Stage Show Day 1

2018-06-13 2,994 239 360,619 YouTube

Tune in for gameplay demos, exclusive interviews, and some fun guest appearances on the first day of E3. Check out GameSpot's schedule for today! (Pacific Time) 11:00am Spider-Man 11:20am Dying Light 2 11:40am Assassins Creed: Odyssey 12:00pm Cyberpunk 12:20pm The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit 12:40pm Super Smash Bros Ultimate 1:00pm Forza Horizon 4 1:20pm The Division 2 1:40pm Metro Exodus 2:00pm Break till 4pm 4:00pm What's Good Games 5:20pm Cam & Seb 7:00pm End of Show For full schedule:

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