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Cannoneer Kit is Best Kit - Minecraft: Hypixel Minigames LIVE! with Subs/Viewers! [#17]

2018-05-16 15 1 202 YouTube

Join us right now on Minecraft as we play all sorts of mini games on the Hypixel Network, from Skywars to Bedwars as we live stream right now seeing if the Cannoneer Kit is really the best kit! ➜ Minecraft Username: BurntToastGaming ★ HOW TO JOIN ★ 1.Join Hypixel server at 2.Type your IGN in the chat and I will add you to the party :D Subscribe to have your name pop up on the stream! \/ ➜ YouTube Gaming: ➜ YouTube: (If your name never came up you need to enable public subscriptions - ) ★ LIVE STREAM RULES ★ 1. Don't start arguments 2. No bullying 3. No advertising in chat. 4. Swearing is not allowed 5. No spamming.You guys know what this is :P ➜ Follow me on Twitter! ➜ Like my Facebook Page! ➜ Join my Discord! ➜ Live Stream Moderator Form: ➜ Download my resource pack: ➜Donate?

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