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Nintendo Chit Chat's Minute Gaming News - Broadcast EP 02 - Where's That Direct?

2018-01-13 23 0 158 YouTube

Join Eddy and co-host Samantha Lienhard for NCC MGN - Nintendo Chit Chat's Minute Gaming News Ep 02! This is a broadcast discussing Nintendo and the latest news from the past week. We'll delve into discussing some of the articles, interviews, and other original content found on The video podcast will be interactive with chat, broadcast live, and may feature polls, giveaways, and guests. Each broadcast will last 20-45 minutes (estimated) Rules: Be friendly in chat, participate in the current discussion, stay on topic, and do not ask to play games during this broadcast. Mastiff Games - Party Planet Digital Game Code Giveaway! ENTER NOW: Learn More About Mastiff Games New Year Giveaway! Support Eddy and NintendoChitChat! Nintendo Chit Chat Official Site: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Patreon: Join our Discord: LISTEN TO THIS BROADCAST AUDIO ONLY! *updated a few days after initial airing* Google Play Music Audio Podcast: Sound Cloud Audio Podcast: SPONSOR LINK Donate to Eddy: Visit Samantha Lienhard!

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