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Long Distance Skimming - 400+ ft / 126m [unofficial] - with Zoom - May15'18 - Kurt Steiner

2018-05-16 11 4 11,039 YouTube

For just the main throw & no zoom, see: Practicing for the Welsh Open & "Skim Record" in Wales, UK May 28th. In the Welsh Open, I managed a win with a throw of 114 meters / 373 feet. The new World Record was set the following day by Douglas Isaacs at 122 meters / 398 feet. The rope/floats at the left run 400 feet & Clip shows my stone running past that. [* 2nd throw, @ 55 sec of clip]. It's unofficial of course -- the challenge is always, "Can you throw in competition like you do in practice?" Pressure! Pressure! But close enough lol!

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