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Andrew McAuley (KindBeats) - Wake 'N Break No. 1108 - Dual Hi-Hat Shuffle With No Bass Drum

2018-02-13 6 2 85 YouTube Today's wake 'n break is a shuffle groove that utilizes two sets of hi-hats instead of using a bass drum. Taking the hi-hat ostinato first, we have eighth note triplets being alternated between both sets of hats on "1 trip let 2 trip let 3 trip let 4 trip let", starting on the auxiliary hi-hats. Next, our ride cymbal is falling on 1 and the "let" of 1, 2 and the "let" of 2, 3 and the "let" of 3, and on 4 and the "let" of 4. Last but not least, our snare drum has accented notes on 2 and 4, as well as a ghost note on the "trip" of 3. As always, I hope you dig it and much love! Notation available at:

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