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Andrew McAuley (KindBeats) - Wake 'N Break No. 1170 - Two Bar Groove With Single Bass Drum Triplets

2018-04-16 4 0 52 YouTube Today's wake 'n break is a two bar groove that is built around eighth note triplets being played on the bass drum. Taking the bass drum first, we have notes falling on "1 trip let", "2 trip let", and on the "let" of 3 in the first bar. In the second bar, however, our bass drum is falling on "1 trip let" and on "2 trip let". Looking at the hi-hats next, we have notes falling on 1 and the "let" of 1, on 2, and then an opening on 4, and this remains constant throughout both bars. Last but not least, our snare drum is falling on the 3 of each bar. As always, I hope you dig it and much love! Notation available at:

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