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At the Circus

2018-06-13 0 0 3 YouTube

The Marx Brothers come to the rescue in this slapstick comedy as a strongman, a midget and a seductive aerialist plot to steal the box office cash At the Circus. When Jeff Wilson (Kenny Baker) is in danger of losing his circus to crooked creditor Carter (James Burke), faithful roustabout Antonio (Chico Marx) enlists the aid of seedy attorney J. Cheever Loophole (Groucho Marx). Despite the best efforts of this trio and the help of Punchy (Harpo Marx), matters go from bad to worse when the box office is robbed by Goliath (Nat Pendleton), Professor Atom (Jerry Marenghi) and aerialist Peerless Pauline (Eve Arden). Now, with everything on the line, Loophole romances Jeff's wealthy aunt, Mrs. Dukesbury (Margaret Dumont), to raise the needed cash. Somehow, everything is going to turn out all right in this zany romp--even after Mrs. Dukesbury finds herself fired out of a cannon at her society soiree.

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