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Quick Play - Spectrobes

2018-08-10 6 0 77 YouTube

To celebrate 100 episodes of Quick Play, we're taking a look at yet another childhood DS game of mine. ...I played a lot of DS games as a kid. Welcome to Quick Play! In this series I tackle the first 20 minutes or so of a game and give my first impressions. What you'll see in the video is the full amount I've played, unless stated otherwise! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching this video! Don't forget to "LIKE" the video to show your support, "COMMENT" with some feedback and "SUBSCRIBE" for more content! Subscribe to the "SHOW" for this series! | Visit the "PLAYLIST" for this series! | -----------------------------------[USEFUL LINKS]----------------------------------- Daily Vlogs | BoosterPack | Video Schedule | Patreon | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitch | Snapchat | LP Wiki Page | Backloggery | Intro Music by | Intro Video by | Intro Animated Background by | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Spectrobes #QuickPlay #ThomasJAshwell

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